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Carbon monoxide

What is Carbon Monoxide?

Carbon Monoxide (CO) is a poisonous, gas which don’t have any smell or taste. CO is produced by the incomplete burning of gas and LPG, which is usually used as a fuel for cars, gas cookers on boats.

How to avoid Carbon Monoxide leak and what are potential sources of CO?

No matter where you are; in the office, car or even holidays, you are never far away from a potential source of Carbon Monoxide. Some of the sources are:

• Fires

• Boilers

• Furnaces

• Gas or petrol powered garden tools

• Gas powered tools

• Gas heaters used in camping

So, how to avoid it? The answer is very easy.

• If your cooker has a lazy and yellow flame.

• you might have dark stains around or on your appliances

• Pilot lights blows out frequently.

• the condensation inside windows is decreased.

If any of these symptoms appear in your house, it might mean that you have a carbon monoxide leak, so better check it with a specialist.

So what’s Carbon Monoxide poisoning, symptoms and health risks.

Carbon monoxide poisoning can occur even if you breathe on a small amount of CO.

When you breathe in carbon monoxide, it gets into your blood stream and prevents there’d mood cells from carrying oxygen around the body. This causes tissues and cells to die without enough oxygen transported through the body.

The main symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning include

• dizziness

• breathlessness

• nausea

• headaches

• loss of consciousness

• collapse

Carbon monoxide symptoms are similar to flu, food poisoning, viral infections and simply tiredness. That’s why it’s quite common for people to mistake this very dangerous poisoning for something else. If you experience these symptoms if better to go and get fresh air. Open the windows, turn off any gas appliances and leave the house, so you will not breathe in the poison. Then see your doctor immediately or go to hospital because your health might be at risk and get a gas safe registered engineer to stop the leak.

Did you know?

Every year there are around 25 deaths each year in the UK caused by a Carbon Monoxide leak. So make sure that your Carbon Monoxide is not leaking because I don’t think you want to get sick or in worst scenario even die.

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