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How to find good plumbers

If you live in Hertfordshire and you need a plumber, Gas Boiler Heating can help. We are the Hemel Hempstead based plumbing and heating company that you can be sure of.

How to choose good tradesmen

One of the best ways of finding a good, trustworthy, experienced, qualified plumber is to ask your local builder or building contractor. They always deal with plumbers and if you talk to them nicely, they will probably give you some strong advice on who is good and who is not.

How to choose plumber

Plumbers near me

You can also do the same with friends, family members, people at work or ideally homeowners. Anyone who owns their property for many years will definitely have experienced plumbing emergencies such as burst pipes, leaking taps, toilets and so on and had to call in professionals to fix the problem.

Another way to find the right person or company these days is Google. Many plumbers or tradesmen have their own business website. The Internet can help to verify if they do good or bad work. Reading reviews on Google or ratings on many different directories can help narrow your search.

Is the plumber Gas Safe Registered?

It is very important to ensure that tradesmen are qualified to do their work especially if working with gas.

This can be quickly verified as all gas safe plumbers should be carrying their card with them, whether at work or when going to quote on the job and meet their customers on the doorstep.

Hemel Hempstead


Inexperienced plumbers make mistakes. The last thing you want are water leaks or damage caused to your already broken boiler.

This is also the case if you need to install a new central heating system. Some companies specialise in certain kinds of jobs. If your plumbing project is very specific then it is worth spending more time and finding a sole trader or company that specialises in that kind of work. A gas engineer does not always have to be the right choice to plumb your kitchen or bathroom as they may only work and be experienced with gas.

Ask your plumber for insurance

If anything goes wrong while the work is carried out, you will be in trouble. Any plumber or plumbing company has to be insured. This will protect you as a homeowner as well as your goods and property.

It is also worth checking your insurance policy while doing plumbing or building work. If there is anything you do not understand or which is not clear enough then just pick up your phone and call the insurer. It is always best to call an insurance company before you let in your plumbers, builders or carpenters and allow them to work on your property. If they are given the all clear and there are no issues then they are safe and ready for work!

Ask about guarantees

Check what you plumber is willing to offer for the work you want done. What would happen in a situation where you paid the plumber to install your new boiler or radiator and when he left you discovered that the gas boiler would not start or that there was a leak from the radiator valve?

Most plumbing and heating businesses typically won’t charge you for coming back to resolve any problem that was caused by them because they stand behind their work.

Companies often offer guarantees for their labour and/or provide you with a warranty. A guarantee is usually valid for a fixed period of time. A warranty depends on the manufacturer.

Always  get a few quotes

Try not to focus on only one quote as it is always handy to obtain at least three. This will give you a better idea about how plumbers estimate their work and material costs. In our experience, there is often  a huge difference between quoted jobs. But there can be good reasons why one quote is more expensivve than another. For example, a quote from a locally based plumber might not be as expensive as one that is based a hundred miles away. It is not worth spending money spend on travelling costs.

We meet all of the above requirements and hope that this article will help you to find right person that you are looking for. If you need help with your plumbing project please contact us.

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