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Things to consider when getting a new boiler

If your old boiler is playing up and you are thinking of replacing it with a high efficiency condensing one, here are a few tips for you. Since this is a huge financial commitment, knowing a lot and being educated in the matter is definitely a good thing. Please see the checklist below before you call your local heating engineers to obtain quotes.

What size of the boiler do I need?

The average combi boiler sizes are as follows:

  • 24kw-26kw – will suit most flats and small 2/3 bedroom houses with one bathroom, cloak room and 10/11 radiators
  • 28kw-30kw – for medium to large size properties with heating systems including up to 16 radiators
  • 33kw-37kw – will supply heat and hot water for large 5/6 bedroom houses, including around 22 radiators.
  • 46kw appliance – this is for places where the usage of domestic hot water is high

What brand and make shoud I choose?

There are a lot of diferent manufacturers on the market these days. We recommend Vaillant and Ideal. With the first, we can extend your warranty by one year so that you get 8 years on some models. With the Ideal Vouge model, there is a 10 year warranty as standard. Of course, we will be happy to fit any appliance you like. Reading about these options on the internet can also be helpful, now that Google knows everything 🙂

My heating system needs to be flushed

Sludge and debris accumulate in radiators and pipework then needs to be removed before the installation of a new boiler. This involves chemical cleaning of the heating system. Powerflushing is a very popular method and will definitely work. A powerflow unit sends water at high velocity to dislodge and remove the limescale, debris and sludge building up in the system. A thorough powerflush will also improve heat distribution throughout the property. This means you will pay less for your energy bills in the end!

Location of a new boiler 

The cheapest option is to leave the old location as is. Why? Because all the pipes we need are already there when we carry out a combi swap. A diferent situation is when converting from an openvent to a pressure system. In this case, some new pipes will have to be installed. A new boiler needs to be conected to a drain because of condensate coming out of the boiler.

Gas pipe installation

Gas Safe regulations declare that the gas pressure difference between an appliance and the meter cannot be more than one milibar. That is why gas pipes have to be calculated correctly. The size of the boiler and length of the pipe have to be taken in to account. Every bend adds 1m of pipe length. When a gas pipe passes a wall, it needs to be sleaved. It also need to be secured properly.

Filters installation

Boiler manufacturers including Gas Boiler Heating Ltd highly recommend the installation of a magnetic filter and scale reducer. These will help keep an appliance operate correctly and significantly increase its lifespan. A scale inhibitor is low maintenance and a magnetic filter needs cleaning annually.

How long will it take?

If a system needs to be converted then the job will take two days for an experienced plumber.  A combi to combi swap usually takes only one day.

The cost of a boiler replacement

A boiler exchange costs roughly around £1500-£2000. A system conversion is about £1000 more than that.

If you think we can install your new boiler please contact us today.

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